Research Method VS Research Methodology

Research Method VS Research Methodology
Research Method VS Research Methodology


Research is an integral part of every small and big business.
It is important for an organization to look into new areas and find new ways to
expand their business. Research can be defined as a systematic approach to
study new fields, new material, or to look for new dimensions in an existing

What is the Research method?

The research
method consists of all the techniques and method which are employed by a
researcher in a research process to find the solution to the research problem.
The sole purpose of research methods is to find the solution. Research methods
can be of two types qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods.

Qualitative research methods

qualitative research method consists of open-ended and conversational research
methods. The qualitative research method is used to collect in-depth and
detailed data about the research topic.

research methods are designed in such a way that reveals about the behavior and
perception of people under research.

Data collected
from qualitative research methods are descriptive. Therefore, it is easy to
draw inferences from it. Qualitative research methods are widely used in the
social and behavioral sciences.

Methods like a
focus group, one-on-one interviews, case study research, ethnographic research, observation research, and
record-keeping are the various methods used in qualitative research. Click here
to learn about the different methods used in qualitative research in detail.

Quantitative research methods

research methods are those methods where a systematic approach is used to
collect quantifiable of data by performing computational, mathematical, or
statistical techniques. The data collected through quantitative research
methods are usually in numerical form.

The proper
outcome can be deduced by analyzing the data in a systematic form. The results
obtained through quantitative research methods are statistical, logical, and

These research methods are applied to a group of the population, which represents the entire population. Key Differences between Research Method and Research Methodology

Research Method

•          Research methods are the methods used
by researchers to collect data to conduct research on a particular research

•          The objective of the research method
is to find the solution.

•          Research methods are useful to apply
during the latter stage of the research process.

•          Research methods are small part of
research methodology.

•          Research methods consist of various
techniques where various studies and experiments are used to conduct research
and reach an appropriate conclusion.

•          Research methods consist of different
investigation techniques.

•          Research method encompasses of carrying out an experiment, survey, test and so on.

Research Methodology

•          A Research methodology is systematic
approach to solve the research problem and to reach a new conclusion.

•          The objective of the research
methodology is to determine the solution by applying correct procedures of

•          Research methodologies are applied in
the initial stage of the research being conducted.

•          A Research methodology is a
multi-dimensional concept.

•          Research methodologies are used
applied during the initial stage of the research to explain the purpose of
chosen methods and how they will serve its function.

•          Research methodologies is a systematic
strategy to achieve the decided objective.

•          Research methodology encompasses
different techniques which are used during the performance of the experiment,
surveys, and test, etc.





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